What Happens Next

You’ve just celebrated the greatest day of your lives and are on an absolute high – enjoy the ride!

Memories will be flooding back as you recount tales with family and friends, open beautiful cards, gifts and see images from guests pop up on social media.

You may be jetting off on honeymoon or plan to soak up the memories at home together when it all started.




You start to feel a little deflated or a little blue.

It’s completely normal to experience ‘wedding blues’.  Your whole world has been dreaming and planning your perfect day and now it has passed…

…what do you do with yourself now?




There are lots of things for you to do.

Apart from catching up with friends and family after the big day, there are still many wedding-related tasks for you to do.

Make a list of the gifts you received and who they were from – there will be so many, it will be difficult to keep track!

Start informing establishments of your new marital status and change of name.

Begin a scrapbook or memory box to collect items in from your day – this is something you can treasure for many years to come.

Organise having your wedding attire professionally cleaned and boxed.

Add your wedding rings to your insurance policy.

Write a list of things you would like to experience or achieve over the next year as a married couple.

Create a folder on your computer of the images that guests have taken, so that you have them all in one place.





This is only just the beginning of your new adventure!

And, of course, you still have something huge to look forward to…




The photographs from your big day will become your lasting memories of the big day.

All the bits you can remember and all the other bits that have been swept up in a ball of hazy memories – it was a whirlwind for you both, I’m sure!





You can expect to see your images in 6 weeks, after your big day.

I can promise you that I am just excited about seeing the final product as you are!

I will have been through all the same emotions with you – pre-wedding nerves (yes, this still happens no matter how many weddings I have been to!), the excitement, the joy, the emotions and feeling on a high as I get back home and think about the day I’ve been a part of.

As excited as I am to get to your images, there is a clear and formulated process that I follow with each and every wedding.

Once I have stepped back through the door at home, the process begins.

Your files are copied and backed up to several different places, to ensure their safety, should any one of the storage devices fail.  This has never happened but I take the storage of files extremely seriously.

Then shortly after your big day;

I must sit down and go through every single image, one by one, selecting the images to retain for editing and removing the ‘bloopers’ (duplicate images, test images, images of people blinking or caught at the wrong moment etc).

From the day you confirmed your booking, your images will have been placed in my editing schedule in my diary.

This maps out when I will be undertaking and completing each precise stage of the editing process for your images.  These stages include:

Colour correcting

Cropping and straightening

Touching up


Creative editing

I will spend more time editing your images than I did taking them.

This is a careful and meticulous process that takes concentration, dedication and time.  I count much of my success to the passion I have for this process and would never want to rush what will become some of the most important memories you have.

Once the images are complete they then go through another process:

Selection and creation of slideshow

Uploading and creating your online gallery

Both of which are not quick processes – I want everything to be just perfect for you.



I completely understand how exciting it is to wait for your images – and how time will seem to slow down as you wait!

As the editing process is such an intricate task, I can’t take requests for ‘more sneak peeks’ or for specific images from the day.  I may not have started working on your complete collection and I would be unable to quickly ‘pull’ anything for you.  Amazing things come to those who wait!

If you have any suppliers contacting you for images from your day, please do direct them to me rather than hand over finished images.  There are limitations in place and most suppliers are aware of them.  Sending them to me is the best way that we can keep things running smoothly!

Your final collection will be your final collection.  Please rest assured that I will not be withholding any images from you and you’ll receive all of the high-quality images from the day.  As you are already aware, there are no guarantees of particular moments, images or people but you will receive a full and accurate collection of your perfect day.

Please don’t crop/ modify/ add filters to images as per terms and conditions.



I want to thank you both for putting your trust in me to take part in and capture your day.

Despite my relaxed nature and candid, fun demeanor (hello Instagram stories!), I take the entire process incredibly seriously.

This completely transcends the word ‘job’ for me.  It is my joy and passion and I live to create memories for others.

I promise you that this time will be worth the wait!