Pre-wedding Questionnaire 2023

‘Formal Images’
This is my standardised list for formal photos at every wedding and you will have seen it in your wedding contract.  This list ensures that I can work at a fast pace and limit the amount of time that ‘formals’ take on the day – this is one of the reasons you chose me!  I will be available throughout the day for informal images with friends and family so please do just call me over if you would like an image and I will come take it for you.  This makes things much less formal and enjoyable for everyone and allows you to enjoy the short time you have. I do not take a large group shot – I capture guests naturally throughout the day.
If there are no offspring/grandparents, please let me know in the notes above.
If you do have grandparents, please let me know how many and on which side.
If there are stepparents or partners (and you want them included), please let me know above otherwise I will assume you would like your divorced parents captured without their new partners.
Please also let me know if there isn’t a parent on either side.
  • Partner 1, Partner 2 & offspring
  • Partner 1, Partner 2 & grandparents
  • Partner 1, Partner 2 & P1 parents
  • P1 & parents
  • P1, P2 & P2 parents
  • P2 & parents
  • P1 & their wedding party
  • P2 & their wedding party
  • P1, P2 & combined wedding party