Katie & Alex

Katie & Alex, Alex & Katie… where do I begin?!
I feel like I’ve been on this whole journey with you and looked forward to your day since the day we first spoke.  So now it feels rather bittersweet to be at this point.  I’ve not been able to tear myself away from my desk, desperate to see the finished result and hand it over to you.  But now we are here I’m a little woeful!
First of all, I’d like to thank you both for trusting me to capture your day.  Not only that but welcoming me with open arms and making me feel as though I were a just a friend at your wedding (with two blumming huge cameras – ha!).  I had the best day with you all and I felt all the emotions that passed between everyone.  The anticipation and nerves; the immense pride of your families; the warmth and love from all of your friends.  The emotions were unmeasurable and I remember thinking how lucky you were to have all of those wonderful people in your lives – but also how lucky they all were to have you both, now as one force together, in theirs too.
I do hope that you will believe me when I say that it truly was one of the best weddings I have attended and I doubt I will ever forget it.  The combination of your planning, friends and family, everything you put into the day and you both (just being your wonderful selves) made it, quite honestly, perfect.
And to top it all off, it was clear from each interaction we’ve had just how truly in love you both are.  There’s nothing for show – it’s just the way that you interact, talk to and look at each other.  It’s a deep, respectful and pure love that I can only wish that everyone gets to experience in their lifetime.  I may have only known you for a short, fleeting amount of time but I am so deeply happy for you both and I want you to have the most beautiful and long lives together.


So… forgive my rambling!  Here we are.  You full collection is ready.!


You can find your full collection here:  https://juliebarron.pixieset.com/katieandalex/


I would suggest setting aside some good time, grabbing some nibbles and beverages and putting some of your favourite music on!
Please be warned… this is the biggest collection of images I have ever delivered (let’s keep it a secret, as it’s not the norm!) but there was just so many elements to your day that lent itself to a vast amount of images.  So it will take some time to get through!


Once you get into the gallery, the best viewing experience is to open up the very first image and click ‘slideshow’ at the top (on something other than a tablet or phone) – that way you can enjoy each one without just quickly scrolling through!


You must log in with your email (KatieandAlexGetMarried@outlook.com) and this password:  lee-hall18


When you share the gallery link with family and friends, they log in with their own email and their password: katiealex18


and that’s important as you get different privileges with your password.


Now, when you are ready to select favourites for your album, all you need to do is click the heart a particular image and you will see the different favourite collections you can start adding to.  If you click on each collection, you can read a description and what to do.
Once you’ve filled up the album folder just let me know and I can start designing for you!
There’s also a favourites folder for a mobile and tablet app!  You just need to fill it up with your favourite images and then I can activate your own personal app to keep with you for immediate access on your phone!  And you can choose who else can have the app too – a big fan with parents who want to quickly show off some of the images!


Should you wish to download any, your private pin is: 4347


If you’d like to look at extra options for your album you can look here.
Thank you once again for allowing me to play a part in your story.  I’m so excited to see where the next chapter takes you both.  Please, please do keep in touch.  I’m happy to receive long (or short and snappy emails and messages!) from you both!
And thank you again for the beautiful, beautiful flowers and kind words.  I can’t tell you how much they mean to me!
Jules x