How I will Capture Your Story

How I Will Capture
Your Story

I get it.

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and daunting tasks to take on.

And then comes the inescapable.  The photographs.

Let’s face it, not many of us love having our picture taken.  And if we do decide to have an occassional picture taken on our phones, it’s within our control.

But now you’re faced with inviting someone along to your big day and trusting that they’ll capture it for you so that you don’t need to think about it… and make you look good too!

From the minute you enquire to the delivery of your images, I am here for you.


We’ll work together.


I’m on your side. Get me involved.

From the moment you get in touch, I am invested in your day.

If you need help planning, working on logistics or sourcing vendors, that’s what I’m here for.

Tell me about what is important to you and what your hopes are for the day – we can make it happen.

We’ll chat about the flow of the day and how we can ensure that you get the most from it. My goal is always to have you present with your guests as much as possible – as well as having some beautiful images to look back on.

On the day.


You just need to breathe; be present; enjoy.

When I arrive, it doesn’t turn into a Vogue style photo shoot with the camera in your face all day. You’re hiring me to capture the story.

Yes, I’ll be there but I’ll be anticipating moments and capturing things that you possibly weren’t aware of at the time.

I’ll work with the wedding coordinator to ensure things run smoothly and keep you informed with what is happening next – you just need to enjoy it all!

I’m part of your team and we’ll make sure you have the best day possible.

The not-so-awkward-moment.


Having your picture taken has never been so easy.

Then we arrive at that all important moment when…

… you just get to take a small time out together, as a newly married couple.

That’s it.

This is not a moment of pressure where you are expected to perform. No crazy poses, weird faces or feeling uncomfortable. You just need to enjoy the moment together.

Yes, I’ll place you in a couple of different spots and tweak how you’re standing if needed but that’s it.

This time is for you – and you’ll also get some beautiful images from it.

My main role.


Leave it to me.

For the vast majority of the day, I will take my hands off approach.

I’m there to capture the day unfolding and will be anticipating those special moments that really matter for you.

I don’t work from a list. I don’t have pre-conceived ideas about what is going to happen.

My expertise lies in capturing authentic and real moments.

Nothing staged. Nothing fake. Just real images to tell the story of your day.