Natural and authentic family photography and films that capture fleeting moments in time.

Real moments, captured

Natural and Authentic

We are so lucky to have the technology that allows us to capture a moment almost instantly.  A quick swipe of the phone screen and we can document every part of our daily lives.  Gone are the days of being precious about film roll or only getting the camera out for special occasions.

I have always loved pouring over the countless albums and packets of photographs my parents amassed over the years.  Precious milestones in our family’s lives, documented and tangible.  Whilst they might not be pieces of art, they are distinctive of the time at they were taken and they show exactly how we were.

One of the main reasons I love looking back through old images is to see my parents.  As a child, I wanted to see pictures of them when they were children or before my brother and I came into their world.

As I got older, I wanted to look back on times we had shared together as a family.  It’s nice to see pictures of myself as a child but I treasure the ones that I’m in with my mum and dad more.  They show connection and love through the different stages of my childhood.

As wonderful as phones are for quickly documenting the day-to-day, I think we are forgetting that it’s important for us to document ourselves with our children too.  All children want to look back at photos of their childhood with their loved ones.

This is why I started my ‘How We Are’ sessions.  A desire to document real moments in peoples’ lives that can be treasured by everyone.  Nothing fake, nothing forced, no backdrops or studio lights.  Natural and authentic images and films of exactly how you are, right there in that moment.



How We Are sessions take place in the comfort and familiarity of your home. We are document a real time in your lives and where you reside is a part of that.


How We Are sessions can be at any point in your children's lives.
For newborns, within the first 2 weeks is recommended.


Travel is included in the price up to 50 miles from TS15. Please ask about small charges for further afield.


Newborn sessions are available during weekdays.
For shoots that include children of school age, a small number of weekend dates are available.

Mini family films

Easy to share

Perfect to treasure

Mini family films

Easy to share

Perfect to treasure



Photo session

A relaxed 2 hour photo session



Film Session

A relaxed 2 hour film session



Photo & Film

A photo and film session


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