2019 – Highlights

And just like that, I’m rounding up on another amazing year.  So many wonderful couples, stories, and moments to look back on!

Sometimes the hardest part of being a wedding photographer, for me, is when I’ve completed a gallery and it’s time to hand it over.  I’m always so excited for each couple to relive their day through my images but I do feel a little sad that we no longer need to be in contact as much!  I get to know each couple so well that I dread saying ‘goodbye’ – which is why I’m so grateful that I hear from so many of you from time to time or see your images popping up on social media!

I’ve barely scratched the surface of my year with these images, and they’re not a ‘best of’ – I’ve just handpicked a select few images that resonate with me.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your stories this year – I’ll never forget them!